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stoshab Thanks a great deal.  That assists me and provides me much more awareness going in to see the neurosurgeon.  Do you think that I would quite possibly certainly be a prospect for surgical procedure?  I have had quite a few other MRI's which said which i had a tumor on my spine and only the L4-L5 herniation along with degenerative disc condition.  This MRI did not point out the tumor or DDD.

  Spondylotic adjustments and degenerative disks condition using a right paracentral disk L4-L5 creating  reasonable spinal canal and appropriate neural foramina stenosis. 2. Intravertebral hemangiomas L3 and L5 3. No obnormal enchancement following gadolinium administration Remember to describe more over the results of large hemangiomas.  Can this be something major? ***@**** Remark

Following the scan, a radiologist will examine the pictures to examine irrespective of whether any further photos are demanded. If your radiologist is content, the client can go residence.

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   Degenerative alterations of your spine are noted in the form of marginal osteophytes, minimized disc Area at L4-5 and side arthropathy. The distal dorsal spinal wire and conus seem standard. The pre and paraspinal tender tissues are normal. The bony spinal canal dimensions are within just ordinary restrictions.   Effect:    Lumbar spondylosis with degenerative disc condition.  Diffuse disc bulge at L3-4 and L5-S1.  Central and bilateral paracentral posterior disc protrusion at L4-five creating moderate exit foramen stenosis and nerve root compression on possibly aspect.   Concern: Can this be corrected, if Indeed the place am i able to get the most beneficial of solutions for him please. He has diabetic issues and Higher blood pressure in addition. Regards Jona Comment

K-space, famous in other types of imaging, swiftly grew to become a helpful strategy in MRI. K-Room is A short lived virtual House enclosing the stage and frequency of imaging knowledge, and it capabilities to simplify their conceptualization. K-Area is covariant with true Bodily Area, so that k and Bodily spaces are interconvertable with one another. The observed signals is usually described in a very A great deal simpler way in k-Room than in Actual physical Place and this simplicity has aided improvement of many choice methods of sampling imaging knowledge. Impression contrast

bishram Diffuse posterior disc bulge and left foraminal protrusion is observed at C5-six amount as well as posterior osyeophytes leading to compression to the anterior subarachnoid space and identation about the remaining ventral nerve root with encroachment of remaining neural faramina. Comment

jeana544 My MRI.  What does this necessarily mean? MR LS3WW I 0IMPRESSION: one. A number of foci of subtly maximizing irregular sign scattered all over the visualized spine. Even though This can be as a result of sarcoid results are nonspecific. Metastatic condition and various myeloma can have a similar physical appearance. The prior review was not available for comparison. 2. Mild degenerative improvements as reviewed. Review: MRI of lumbar backbone Heritage: Record of osseous sarcoid. TECHNIQUE: Multisequence and multiplanar imaging on the lumbar spine with and with out contrast. sixteen mL of Magnevist was administered intravenously. COMPARISON: None FINDINGS: Alignment and vertebral overall body heights are preserved.

neckguy Can anyone enable me recognize the severity of my spinal MRI's.  I'd an MRI on my cervical backbone.  Here's the findings.  one. Reversal in the higher cervical lordosis indicating spasm.  two. C3-C4: There exists a 2mm focal central disc protrusion effacing the thecal sac. this narrows the central canal to 9mm.  3. C5-C6:  You will find a 3 mm significantly left lateral disc protrusion.

ladyozone I used to be in the gymnastics incident ten years in the past that left me by using a torn still left sacroiliac joint and two or three bulging discs.  About a few a long time back, I started getting serious discomfort and numbness down my arm.  I went in for an MRI that confirmed I had produced DDD as well as the disc at C5-six was herniated centrally causing the discomfort and numbness down equally of my arms.  Two weeks in the past, my neck went out all over again leading to even worse suffering down two nerve paths in my proper arm.  I went in for an MRI and now have attained the final results.  The problem is, I are in Canada now and also the wait around to find out a GP is prolonged.  I would like to be aware of if you can clarify my MRI outcomes?  I understand this is not a substitute for your head to head Conference by using a doctor, but it will place my thoughts at relieve to grasp.

These images are clinically practical in demonstrating interuption of usual fiber anatomy by tumors or trauma. Spectroscopic imaging

L5-S1 degree demonstrates loss of disc Room top and intrasubstance sign intensity. Moderate appropriate paramedian disc bulge is present. This does bring about effacement on the ventral thecal sac. Bilateral neuroforaminal narrowing owing to disc is existing. Mild hypertrophic sides arthropathy is existing. Effect: L5-S1 suitable paramedian moderate disc bulge. Bilateral neuroforaminal narrowing at this stage. There may be also posterior disc bulge broad-dependent at L4-L5 degree with bilateral neuroforaminal narrowing. Minimal trefoil-kind spinal canal stenosis at these concentrations present as well owing to hypertrophic facet arthropathy. Comment

If any can break these findings down for me I'd actually enjoy it. Thank you. MRI of Lumbar Conus and cauda Edina have a traditional appearance. The fluid sensitive sequence reveals edema over the remaining side joint at L5-S1. Intervertebral discs are normal in sign and peak at just about every stage. Numbering assumes 5 non rib-bearing lumbar vertebrae. T10-11 via L1-L2: Unremarkable. L2-L3: A small foraminal protrusion is depicted both right and remaining as about the prior analyze. In Affiliation with delicate facet capsular thickening and ridging, this results in moderate foraminal canal narrowing. Sagittal graphic ten series three shows remaining foraminal annular fissure. L3-L4: Moderate aspect capsular thickening and really tiny foraminal protrusions with fissures bilaterally associated with moderate foraminal narrowing. Central canal is obvious. L4-L5: Mild endplate bony ridging, really refined posterior extension of disc annulus, modest hypertrophy of aspects and really slight narrowing on the neural foraminal shops. L5-S1: Over the left, the pars interarticularis seems irregular, thin, some scelorisis but additionally edema-like sign adjust. There's a very small synovial cyst in just capsular tissue powering the remaining neural foraminal outlet, sagittal picture eleven sequence 6. There exists a very minimal degeneration/ridging of the best facet joint. disc margin is evident. There is certainly only negligible narrowing of your neural foraminal shops. Degenerative-kind cyst if viewed alongside the inferior aspect floor over the still left on axial impression 29 series 7. [B]IMPRESSIONS[/B]: 1. still left-sided pars irregularity and side arthropathy/inflammation L5-S1 has progressed from the prior inflammation is much more clear on the current examine which incorporates a STIR sequence. There exists just a small narrowing of subjacent neural foraminal outlet and no proof for nerve root impingement at L5-S1. 2. At L2-3 and L3-4 a little foraminal protrusions persist and are secure. There is linked early aspect DJD and moderate to reasonable neural foraminal narrowing at both of these degrees. Remark

jahan009         Degenerative disc disorder is pointed out for the L3-L4,L4-L5and L-5 -S1 amounts with a few narrowing in the disc House peak and loss of hydration on the more intensely T2 wieghted photos. At L3 -L4there is really a wide centered central and correct para central disc protusion with and annular tear along the posterior margin on the disc with minimum ventral effacement on the thecal sac. at L4- L5 subtle bulging of your disc in addition to a more focal central HNP are existing find more causing slight distotion from the thecal sac.

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